Amendments and FAQ

08.02.2022: Clarification of §3 of the Benchmark NDA Document

With regard to § 3 of the non-disclosure agreement, it is to be assumed that notification is only to be made without delay to the extent permitted by law.

31.01.2022: Participation Application

Bidders who are considering submitting more than one main bid should already submit two concepts for prototype and potential final system solutions in the request to participate.

31.01.2022: Conduct of Negotiations in Case of Submission of two Main Offers

Bidders who wish to submit more than one main bid should enable themselves to present technical details of both bids to the LRZ during the negotiation phase without having to arrange separate negotiation dates for this. Whether separate negotiations are also conducted separately for each main bid will be decided during the negotiation phase.

27.01.2022: Changes to 03-Durchführung der Innovationspartnerschaft_v1.0_GER_E.pdf

The points on the negotiation topic background storage were unfortunately formulated somewhat ambiguously in the document “03-Durchführung der Innovationspartnerschaft_v1.0_GER_E.pdf”. Please therefore download the current version of the document.

27.01.2022: Storage Solution

The application documents should also include a proposal for the storage solution of the ExaMUC system.

24.01.2022: Bidding Consortia

Bidding consortia may apply to participate in the procurement procedure. In addition to the application documents required in the application and contract conditions, the roles of the individual partners should also be outlined in this case.


Page last updated on 8. FEB 2022